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This is a Locomotive I just finished building, it's ready for a paint job.
 It's over 20 feet long 7' 2" wide with a wheel width of 4'  8-1/2" wide, this is the standard width for all trains in the United States.
 The locomotive weights about 4,000 pounds. I've designed this locomotive to be able to drive it in parades. It's powered by two 5 h p gas engines.
 I also built a railroad trestle to set and run it on. The trestle is 72 feet long and weights just over 4,000 pounds.


This is a Cinderella Carriage I built in my shop in 2013. It's self propelled by  11 h p  Honda engine.
It has a hydrostatic drive system. I had the Amish out in Pennsylvania build the 4 wheels for me.
It will transport 6 people including the driver.  It travels approximately 10 mph It will be used for Weddings, Parades and birthday party's.

It's 36 feet long, weighs 1,200 pounds and — yes — it really does shoot. 
Good Thunder metal artisan Arnie Lillo says his 36-foot rifle replica is his tour de force.
This is the worlds largest firing rifle I finished building earlier this spring 2010.

1896 Ford Horseless Carriage I'm building for my self from scratch.

This is my freshly painted fork lift I just finished building. 
It started out being a 1984 Ford Ranger pickup. 

After stripping it down to the frame, wheels and motor I started building it into a forklift. 
This forklift is able to travel at highway speeds, (but will dot be used on the roads)
has 2 headlights on either end, a horn, A M FM radio with a CD player, and two tool boxes,
two rear view mirrors and a 12 volt electric hydraulic pump to raise and tilt the forks. 
I designed, cut out, formed and welded or bolted every metal part in place. 
The hood is hinged in the center, I designed it after a McCormick tractor.

These are cut out of 3/16 hardened metal...below...

Violin is 4' wide and 10' long and weighs about 200 lbs.

Pheasant is 10 foot long and the total weight with the base is about 175 lbs.

Eagles are 6' tall and the total weight with the base is about 75 lbs each.

Archway is for an 5' archway that gets installed In a house.

Sunflower is 8' tall and is cut out of 3/16 iron.

I welded stops on the front and back of the rings so you can only rock so far in each direction.

Arm rests are included. After welding it all together and painting it, it's time to sit and rock.

1/8" steel broke rolled it to form the seat and back that is comfortable to sit in.

Next I cut out the 4.5" wide by 10' long strips and rolled to make the 38" diameter rings for rocking on.


6 foot square by 8 foot tall portable Jail Cell I just finished building. It's made out of 1/8" steel sheets with a 1/4" steel floor.

It has approximately 1,000 square holes cut in it. I designed and fabricated the Key and lock as well. The key will actually lock and unlock the door.

6 of 14 projects. Buffalo in back of truck, the Jail Cell, Custer on horseback, Eagle in flight, a western bench (Rex Macbeth) & End of the Trail.

1,000 lb. Oxen going to the Nicollet County Historical Society / Treaty Sight History Center in St. Peter

July 3, 2007 Displayed in front of theTreaty Sight History Center, North of St Peter, MN

3 wolves in a group. They are cut out of 1/4" thick steel.

It measures 4' square. It took 6 hours to cut it out, sand

8' high 4 foot square base galvanized metal cupola built from bottom up for a farmer in Cherokee, Iowa going on top of barn replacing the one that

blew off two years ago. He brought the old rusted out one (in pieces) up to me to use as a pattern to build the new one.

Red River Ox Cart. 15 feet long, about 8 foot tall & approximately 700 pounds. It's cut out of 8 ga.(3/16") 48

x 96" hot rolled iron sheets. Cut out in 13 peices & welded together.

Red River Ox Cart I made and may be donating to the Nicollet County Historical Center just N of the city of St Peter.

It's approximately 15' long and weights around 800 lbs. It's cut out of 10 ga. (1/8") black iron.

About 150 years ago this is what you would expect to see in this area, as this is setting a couple of 100 yards from the actual Ox cart trail that the

actual Ox cart trail that crossed the Minnesota River just North of St Peter.


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Heritage Tree
is 35 feet tall on the corner of Minnesota Street in New Ulm


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