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                                                                           I rode into town at high noon looking for a shot of good whiskey
and some good grub while on a cattle buying trip to Madelia.
I tied my pony to the rail and entered the saloon where I met an
 unscrupulous cowhand who soon suckered me into a poker game.
I thought this would be easy pickings to generate some extra cash
 to purchase more livestock. 
Shortly, we were joined by another cowhand that was looking for some excitement.
The whiskey flowed like water and the cards were eating away at my bankroll.
Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a gunslinger and a young lady enter the saloon,
as they passed our table I overheard the gunslinger say to the lady as he pointed to the cowhand
sitting across the table from me; I've seen a wanted poster with his picture on it in the sheriff's office.
He sat the young lady down at the table like a gentleman and was hurriedly leaving the saloon when another young fillie he passed asked him "where are you going in such a hurry?" not missing a stride saying on his way out the door,"I'm going to get the sheriff".
Minutes later he returned with the sheriff and worked their way over to our table.
As the sheriff moved in our direction I couldn't help notice the two
cowhands I had just met were getting real nervous.
As the two reached our table the sheriff said to the first one
 "I thought I told you never to set foot in this town again, didn't I?
Yup, was the reply!
Then why are you here?
I didn't think you would be in town today, he replied.
The Sheriff asked us If we knew this man was a cheating card shark? we said, NO!
At that time we pulled up the mans sleeve and sure enough there was the Ace of Spades.
That explains where most of my cattle buying money went.
At that time the Sheriff recognizes the other cowhand as an
wanted outlaw also and points the double barrel 12 gauge
our way and told us "your all under arrest" put your weapons on the table.
I felt with my 3 concealed pistols and 2 knives
I was well armed and had the advantage If a situation arose.
To my amazement all weapons from the 3 of us
on the table totaled 10 pistols and 8 knives.
 We were all three escorted out of the Saloon with hands raised.
For now the local jail would be our home for some time to come.
With most of my money gone and no cattle to show for it
I believe Jail would be the safest place for me at this time!
See you in a couple years.  

Cattle Buyer,
Arnie Lillo

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Poker game with the Boys

Sheriff & the Outlaw

Sheriff disarms & arrest us!

The Cast

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