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  •  Eiffel Tower is 45 feet high and 11 feet square at the base. Weighs 4,000 pounds ~ took 3 months to build  


  •  Golden Gate Bridge, built in 2016 is 96 feet long and weighs 10,000 pounds ~ wide enough to drive a golf cart across.
  • .


  •  The horseshoe archway is eight foot tall and cut out of 1/4" steel. The fence poles are Horse Shoe nails cut out of 1/4" steel also.









  • The Three Bears  

  •  Front yard
  •   Jessy James Theme Park
  •  This is a flex back bench seat for relaxing and rocking
     A poem that Rex Macbeth wrote is cut into the bench called "THE NORTHFIELD RAID"


  •  Younger Brother Poem
    This is a poem is cut out of metal to
    put on display in my Jesse James Theme Park.
    This is a poem that Jim Younger wrote while serving 
    25 years in the Stillwater Prison.
    The Poem is cut out of a 4 x 10' sheet of 1/8" iron.
    The rifles are the frame work that supports the poem.



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